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Swivel gliders
Replacement, create, construct or adapt

All installations require a skill level of 8 on a scale of 10. 1 being easiest

To install style #18650 swivel and glider, there must be a minimum of 6" space for the glider (under) inside the chair bottom. Chair sides can be up to 34" in width.
The installer must provide 2 pieces of 3/4" thick by 3 1/2" wide hardwood installed securely front to back to attach the 2 glider flat steel plates.
View a factory installation drawing. Also see Glider Installation tips for more information.

swivel and glider with ring image
  • Swivel Glider rocker
  • All steel with strong linkage
  • Painted Black
  • Glider rocking motion
  • Floor glides permanently attached
  • Overall sides height with ring-6 5/8"
  • Overall Glider width-14"

Swivel Glider not intended for large heavy chairs

Swivel and glide rocker options
  • Glider, 42 BB swivel (no ring) Style #18500...$157.70
  • Glider above, 42 BB swivel, attachment hardware and 24" Ring. Style #18650...$226.75

chair glider image
  • Overall height at sides, 7 1/2"
  • Height at side mountings 6"
  • Floor glides permanently attached

Unique parallel rocking motion similar to porch glider

Chair Glider Style #18700...$194.60

Glider Installation tips

heavy duty swivel gider
This compact heavy duty swivel glider was originally designed for virtually any upholstered chair. Manufactured by one of the largest top quality U.S. recliner manufacturers to fill the special requirements of fine quality U.S. upholstered chair furniture makers.

All metal and linkage is the same as found in heavy duty recliners.

  • 3/4" thick ring (24" diameter)
  • 8 non-marking attached clear glides
  • 10 1/4" full race large ball bearing swivel, 1" thick
  • Phenomenal swiveling ease
  • 5 mounting holes per each side
  • Awesome gliding motion
  • Net weight 25 lbs
  • Fully assembled as shown
  • No instructions included

Style #18100S...$255.65
Ships UPS-1 per carton
10 mounting screws included

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The mounting holes attach to the chair sides. Chair sides will require wood build-up (as a filler) to accomodate the 17 1/2" bracket width.


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This heavy duty swivel glider is available in width for up to
1 1/2 wide upholstered chairs.
Style #18219 with 24" ring will acomodate as narrow as 19" inside chair frame sides.
Style #18226 with 24" ring for wider and up to 25 1/2" inside chair side frame widths.
Both styles overall total height from floor are 7 1/4".

Installation is accomplished by attaching a 1"x hardwood (Hard Maple or Oak is recommended) to each steel rail flat and then attaching the 1"x to the chair side bottom edge.
Although 1" #14 mounting screws are included for some installations, we recommend piloting for included#8 wood screws when screwing into edge of other than real solid wood.

See Glider Installation Glider install tips.

Gross weight 30 lbs. Ships UPS-1 per carton

19" wide Style #18219S...24"Ring...$264.10...Add To Cart
25" wide Style #18226S...24"Ring...$282.35...Add To Cart


  • Permanently lubricated glider bushings

  • 24" diameter x 3/4" thick ring

  • 8 Installed non-marking floor protectors

  • 10 1/4" square swivel plates

  • 15/16" thick ball bearing swivel

  • No plastic race (to break)

  • 65 steel ball bearings

  • Pre lubricated bearings

  • Fully assembled

Swivel Glider

See Glider Installation Glider install tips.
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