Swivel Chair Replacement Parts
Over 28" of hand polished leg top with striking low gloss aluminium contrasting sides. Choose from 2" Black or Chrome carpet casters and center column. Installation is a snap...literally!

Black casters and column Part #7111G...$148.55
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Chrome casters & column Part #7111G...$160.20

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2 3/8" larger Carpet casters adds $14.50
2 3/8" Mat or Wood floor larger casters adds $21.75

Other optional items

Gas Cylinders for Tall people
Gas Cylinders for Heavy duty for big people
Gas Cylinders for Heavy Duty and Tall combined

Gas cylinder Bearing kit

Gas cylinder telescope lift cover

Chair foot rest ring (to hang your heels on)

Large 28" Gas chair
replacement base

Base Replacement

1. Slide off from base underside center

2. Slide off old base and remove old column

3. Slide on new base using supplied column
(A good time to replace Bearing Kit)

4. Replace #1 slide off clip