Bar stool swivels-Repair or fix
Base (Gas) install & remove-Office type swivel chairs
Base (Manual) install & remove-Office type swivel chairs
Base clip (Tenneman)-Install
Castor-Removal from base OR Caster-Removal photo's
Castor-Installation into base
Castor socket-Removal from solid wood legs only
La-Z-Boy-Gas Mechanism Office chair
La-Z-Boy-Manual Mechanism Office chair
Castor-Which and Why?
Column Gas-What is it? What is it for?
Column Gas-Removal and Installation
Manual mechanism Threaded Post-Install and remove
Manual Mechanism Threaded Post (large threaded screw)-Why unthreaded?
Manual Mechanism-Install and set up overview
Manual Mechanism-Positioning pivot point, locating, proper balance
Manual Mechanism-Retrofitting and adapting to your chair seat
Mounting board-use and purpose
Office chair-Noise, squeaks, rocks, tipping, floor spotting
Eames/Plycraft-See Plycraft Tilter Installation
Office chair-How to fix, cause and remedy
Fix parts needed for a variety of chair typesGas or Manual Base
Remove or Install-See Base above
Gas cylinder-Selecting needed length by your height
Gas cylinder measuring
Photo or Video
Swivel chair various types-for different chairs
Tee nut-Install
Thrust washer-Install
Gas cylinder-Bearing kit schematic
Upholstered chair Swivel Rocker Conversions
Gas cylinder-Obsolete style
Convert Auto/Aircraft seat to office desk swivel chair
Gas cylinder piston rod bottoms out onto floor. See, How to.....
Gas Mechanism-Positioning pivot point, locating, proper balance
Ring and Swivel-Swivel only (#2) Installation Tip
Rocker and swivel install-Installation drawing
Gas Mechanism-Selection
Rocker and swivel-Upholstered chair selection
Gas Mechanism-Retrofitting and adapting to your chair seat
Rocker swivel installation video
Gas Mechanism Knee pivot-Information and styles
Rocker and swivel leg glides-Install and remove
Grommet-Drilling new holeEames Plycraft knock off Lounge chair swivel and tilter mechanism.
(if) Swivel only #1 Upholstered chair conversion-Item needed
(if) Swivel only #2 Upholstered chair conversion-Item needed
Herman Miller available cylinders/casters
Plycraft Tilter Installation-Eames Plycraft Lounge,Tilter Anomaly
Plycraft Lounge chair available parts and Tilter Installation
Hub liner-Office chairs only-Install and Remove
Glider conversion-Not for every chair
This is a Base
Select GAS
This is a
This is a
Eames Plycraft
Lounge chair
Office type
Hub liner
chair Insert
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Gas Mechanism
Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

How to...Chair part name...Tips and Hints

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Select Flat
or Tilted
Plycraft Tilter
This is a
Kitchen Tilter
Swivel & Chromcraft
Convert or Replace
Conversion or
Swivel only
Swivel Rockers
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