Rocker Swivel 5 Springs

image photo of dimensions
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Delux Features

  • 8 large Steel (not plastic) ball bearings Prelubed raceway
  • Top plate holing 5 3/4" on center of 7/8" slot
  • 3" high
  • 1/4" Tilt
  • 5 heavy Coil springs
  • Quality exceeds most original installed units
  • Turns 360°
    • 8 Ball bearing Style #153A...$63.80
    • 49 Ball bearing Heavy Duty model Style #153A49...$72.35
    Heavy Duty, same size, construction and 5 coil springs as in above #153A 8 Ball Bearing style. But with more ball bearings for smoother rolling, providing greater distribution of weight and will be longer lasting. Manufactured for Abacus swivel chair parts to our exact specifications to provide the very best rocker swivel box you can buy! It doesn't get any better than this or we would offer it.

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